Preparing for Microsoft Office Certification: A Guide

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Key Takeaways:

  • Obtaining Microsoft Office 2019 Certification can differentiate you from other job applicants, indicating a high level of proficiency and expertise in essential workplace tools.
  • Certification provides an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to apply Microsoft Office knowledge to a broad range of practical situations, which can make you more productive in your daily work tasks.
  • The quality of your preparation significantly influences your success in the Microsoft Office Certification Exam. Creating an organized study guide, using available exam descriptions as guidance, and taking advantage of online courses for flexibility and convenience can be helpful preparation activities.

Microsoft Office 2019 Certification and Its Benefits

Microsoft Office Certification is a valuable asset in the current competitive job market. The benefits of Microsoft Office Certification include distinguishing oneself from other job candidates. Certified individuals can also boost their productivity in day-to-day work tasks and promote student engagement through practical challenges. Lastly, statistics demonstrate that certification leads to success in one’s career.

Differentiating yourself in a competitive job market

In today’s competitive job market, it’s essential to stand out from other candidates. A great way to do this is by obtaining a Microsoft Office Specialist certification. It demonstrates proficiency in core Office suite programs. There are three levels of recognition: Associate, Expert, and Master. This certification could lead to better job prospects or higher salaries, appealing to professionals in various industries like business admin, graphic design, and communication.

To prepare for the exam, you must gain additional knowledge and skills in specific Office programs, increasing productivity and efficiency in daily tasks. Self-paced or online courses can help, as well as prep courses offered by institutions like Savannah Tech. An organized study guide is essential for approaching the certification exam successfully. You need to understand every skill listed on Microsoft’s exam description pages to pass. The MOS Study Guide is a great resource for this.

You can get individual certifications in Office applications like Word or Excel, or one for the full suite of applications. Learning materials from Certiport Store or CCI Learning Solutions offer teaching and practice tests.

At the end of the day, getting a Microsoft Office certification offers more than a credential line on your resume. It demonstrates an awareness of industry trends and a commitment to learning. Becoming certified makes you a valuable asset to any organization. To differentiate yourself in the job market, get certified in Microsoft Office and become an efficiency ninja in your daily tasks.

Becoming more productive in daily work tasks

Do you want to be more productive in your daily work? Obtaining a Microsoft Office Specialist certification is the answer! This certification will give you advanced skills and knowledge in using the Office suite applications. With this, you will be able to complete daily tasks faster and with fewer errors.

MOS-certified individuals have the competencies for complex tasks for enterprise-level workflows. They can finish projects within the deadlines, displaying not only efficiency but also dependability.

Furthermore, Microsoft Certified Professionals earn higher salaries than non-certified counterparts. The certification serves as a proof of expertise, providing job growth opportunities.

So, if you wish to master Microsoft Office, take on challenges for success. Begin your journey to become a Microsoft Office Specialist to become more productive in your daily work.

Engaging student experiences through real-world challenges

Gaining Microsoft Office 2019 Certification is more than just knowledge. It brings various benefits, like engaging student experiences through real-world challenges. By enrolling in Microsoft Office courses, students get to try different Office programs and have to use their skills to tackle tasks.

These challenges give students an interactive and engaging learning environment. They can apply what they know, giving them useful skills for their future careers. Challenges also make students more productive by teaching them how to use the features of each program in practical situations.

If someone wants to take the MOS exam, they need to prepare. Prep courses, testing, and self-paced and online courses are available. The exam tests competence in using Office applications while sticking to time limits. Associate, Expert, and Master certification levels are available, as are individual application certifications.

Preparation is essential. The Microsoft MOS Study Guide offers digital and hardcopy materials and practice exams. The Certiport Store also has study materials, practice exams, and video tutorials. So, students can prepare for the exam flexibly and conveniently.

Statistics on certification benefits for career success

Certification in Microsoft Office has a range of advantages for those aspiring to succeed in their careers. There are many statistics that prove the benefits of getting MOS certification.

To compare certified and non-certified professionals, you can use a table. Microsoft’s survey shows that people with MOS certification are 25% more efficient at tasks than their non-certified peers. Furthermore, they can get higher pay. The increase in salary depends on the level of certification. For instance, an Associate-level MOS certification increases salary by 9%, an Expert-level MOS certification by 13%, and a Master-level MOS certification by 20%.

Furthermore, Pearson VUE’s report demonstrates that hiring managers give more value to certifications during selection processes. In reality, 88% of hiring managers look at certifications when assessing candidates. This displays the great advantage of MOS certification for career progress.

To sum up, the statistics on the benefits of certification for career success prove the importance of getting MOS certification. By getting certified, individuals can improve their productivity, increase income opportunities, and enhance their chances during the recruitment process.

Preparation for the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam

If you are planning to take the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam, then this section has got you covered. We will provide you with all the essential information you need to prepare for the exam. This includes the significance of a prep course, how to evaluate your proficiency in a particular Office program, boosting your confidence with demonstrated skills, and options for self-paced and online courses. Additionally, we will provide specific details about Savannah Tech’s prep course offerings and exam voucher options, making it easier for you to prepare.

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Importance of a prep course

If you want to ace your Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam, a prep course is a must. Statistics show that those who take a course are 30% more likely to pass. Prep courses provide essential training and practice, and they test your competency in a specific office program. Plus, they offer flexibility and convenience.

A study guide can help plan your approach. It’s important to understand the exam objectives. Lastly, there are online resources from trusted companies to make your preparation easier. So, prep, study, and use online resources to ensure success in the exam!

Testing competency in a specific Office program

If you want to check your skills with an Office program, you can use a 3-step guide:

  1. First, find the certification exam for the program you want.
  2. Then, get the right course to prepare and gain knowledge of the Office suite program.
  3. Second, review the exam descriptions or outlines provided by Microsoft. This includes: formatting text/tables, making charts/graphs, working with formulas, etc.
  4. Finally, practice sample questions to simulate the exam environment before taking the real test.

Certifications can help verify your proficiency and expertise to employers in job interviews. They show you have more value compared to others who aren’t certified. Also, they make sure current and future employees have the skill set needed for success in the organization.

Boosting confidence with demonstrated skills

MOS certification is a great way to show off your computer skills. Passing MOS tests shows you know how to use MS Office properly. It boosts your confidence and can help you get work. Word, Excel and PowerPoint are essential programs for MOS certification. With it, you can prove you know how to use MS apps in the workplace. It also opens doors for career opportunities. Employers value certified professionals. Get MOS certified to put yourself among the best in your field.

Self-paced courses for convenience and flexibility

Self-paced learning is a hit nowadays, as people favor its convenience and flexibility. Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam prep also uses this approach.

Online courses are very attractive, allowing learners to master each skill set at their own pace, taking as much or little time as needed. These courses let individuals grab materials, videos, and other coursework from instructors from the comfort of their home or any spot. Perfect for busy people with inflexible schedules.

Self-paced courses differ from traditional ones as they prioritize personal accountability and student-centered outcomes over instructor-led activities.

When selecting Microsoft prep material for self-paced online study, it’s important to go for certified material that complements individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Also, one must monitor completed coursework and dedicate time to reviewing both areas in which they excel and those that need more training before taking the MOS Certification Exam prep.

Jasperactive for Microsoft Office is a great platform for self-paced courses, especially for adults who haven’t studied for a long time. The kinesthetic platform uses demonstrable skills under exam simulations, making it an interactive curriculum ideal for users looking to succeed on the Microsoft MOS certification.

Take the chance to get your Microsoft Office Specialist certification prep from the comfort of your home while enjoying the convenience and flexibility of self-paced courses.

Online courses for learning from home

Gain knowledge from the comfort of your own home! Try online courses for Microsoft Office. They are flexible and convenient, perfect for busy lifestyles. Furthermore, these courses offer interactive tools to enhance learning.

Various platforms are available that cater to different levels of experience. Certiport Store, Jasperactive, CCI Learning Solutions, and Pearson’s Career & Technical Education curriculum provide materials for optimal exam prep. You can even achieve Associate, Expert, or Master qualifications upon successful completion of the exams.

Try Savannah Tech’s prep courses and exam vouchers to improve skills and advance your career. Learning Microsoft Office online is highly effective and offers a comprehensive learning experience!

Savannah Tech’s prep course offerings and exam voucher options

Savannah Tech offers prep courses and exam voucher options for Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam preparation. Their online courses are self-paced and provide convenience and flexibility. The prep course focuses on testing competencies in a specific Office program, and boosts confidence. Exam voucher options help minimize costs when taking the exam.

Savannah Tech’s certification program has Associate, Expert, and Master levels, for individual Office applications. MOS study materials provide comprehensive preparation – Jasperactive for Microsoft Office’s kinesthetic learning, CCI Learning Solutions’ teaching of essential skills, and Pearson’s quality Career & Technical Education curriculum solutions.

To increase likelihood of passing the exams and competitiveness in the job market, create a study guide for each exam using Microsoft’s exam description pages. Understand every skill listed in the description.

Approaching the Microsoft Certification Exam

One of the most effective ways to validate your Microsoft Office skills is by earning a certification. In this section, we’ll discuss how to approach Microsoft certification exams, including developing an organized study guide, using Microsoft’s exam description pages for guidance, and understanding every skill listed. This approach is highly effective for passing exams, as shown by the fact that individuals with certification earn approximately 20% higher salaries than those without certification. With a little preparation, you can walk into the certification exam with confidence and come out with a validated set of skills that can boost your professional credibility.

Developing an organized study guide for each exam

Before attempting a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam, create an organized study guide. Break down each exam objective into smaller tasks. Prioritize and manage study time effectively. Create a timeline to track progress.

Highlight areas that need improvement early. Collect practice materials such as sample questions, past exam papers and tutorials. Develop a study environment that suits your learning style to optimize concentration.

Stay committed and have regular study sessions. Utilize Microsoft’s MOS Study Guide or other online courses catered to the certification.

One student passed the MOS Excel exam by breaking down materials into small pieces and setting daily goals, avoiding being overwhelmed. Utilize Microsoft’s exam description pages for guidance. Develop an organized study guide for each exam to navigate your way to success.

Using Microsoft’s exam description pages for guidance

Microsoft’s exam description pages are a great way to get ready for the Microsoft Office Certification Exam. They offer details on the skills needed to pass, the exam format, and time limits. Test-takers can use this info to create targeted study guides. It also helps to prioritize studying based on which topics feel less familiar.

Plus, these pages can help decide which certification level is best. Exam descriptions have skill sets for each level. Individuals can assess their abilities and set achievable goals. From Associate to Master, they can know where to start thanks to the exam descriptions.

These pages are valuable resources for the Microsoft Office Certification Exam. Detailed info on exam content, time limits, and skills are provided. Using them wisely increases the chances of passing certifications exams. So, investigate the MOS exam skills and ace the exam!

The importance of understanding every skill listed

It is imperative to have a complete understanding of each skill tested on the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam. Each one is essential for displaying expertise in the core Office suite programs. Without knowing these skills, it is possible to not complete tasks within the exam’s allotted time and with the expected accuracy.

Therefore, it is vital to ensure that every skill is mastered. Microsoft provides information about the skills tested and how they are assessed on their examination description pages. This makes it easier to make a well-structured study plan for the test.

Furthermore, comprehending each skill also allows professionals to be more productive, making them a top choice in today’s competitive job market. Microsoft Office certification confirms expertise and proficiency in core programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook; skills most employers expect of their employees.

It is important to be aware that there are higher levels of certifications than just the Associate level. Microsoft offers Expert or Master level certifications, and certifications in individual applications. This enables individuals to concentrate on areas they excel in, while showing their knowledge and ability across a variety of Office applications.

In conclusion, the significance of understanding each skill listed on the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam cannot be emphasized enough. This encourages proficiency with its related program through the development of essential skills needed for daily work tasks. By completely understanding the skills listed on this certification test, an individual can augment productivity at work and obtain a certification from an esteemed organization like Microsoft, which leads to better job opportunities.

The effectiveness of this approach for passing exams

For Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams, effective prep is key to passing. Using a prep course and Microsoft’s MOS Study Guide can help. This approach has been successful for many. It allows individuals to verify their Office suite skills, which is a plus in the job market.

Creating a study guide and looking at exam descriptions are useful tools. This allows individuals to focus on every skill on the objectives page, increasing their chances of passing. Knowing the objectives helps the test-taker approach each question with confidence.

By completing certification exams, individuals can stand out from other job candidates. Depending on skills, they can certify as Associate, Expert, or Master, as well as for specific applications. Passing exams and achieving certification is important for success in today’s job market.

Utilizing Microsoft’s MOS Study Guide

If you are preparing for a Microsoft Office Certification, the official MOS Study Guide by Microsoft is an invaluable resource. The guide includes an in-depth exam preparation tool and its chapters are aligned with exam objectives to represent core skill sets, making it a great tool to help you pass the exam.

An in-depth exam preparation tool for MOS certification

Individuals striving for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification must have an intense exam preparation tool. The MOS study guide is ideal, as it gives a well-structured and thorough process to get ready for the exam.

Chapters are organized around exam goals and show the core skills needed to be efficient in each Office program. The MOS study guide gives a clear picture of the special skills required to do well on the exam. It also has practice exercises and review questions to check knowledge and strengthen understanding of each skill.

To use the MOS study guide to the fullest, it is suggested to focus on learning one skill set at once before moving on to the next chapter. This method guarantees a strong basis in each area and increases trust in individual abilities before taking the certification exam.

Chapters representing core skill sets aligned with exam objectives

The chapter-based approach to mastering Microsoft Office apps has many advantages. Each chapter focuses on the skills needed in the real world. It aligns with exam objectives, making it easy for learners to track progress and prep for tests. Sample test questions help understand what to expect. Interactive delivery helps visualize features in action. The modular design helps focus on areas to improve, and skip sections already mastered. Assessments offer hands-on practice and immediate feedback.

This chapter-based approach is a versatile method. Learners may also explore other advanced techniques or complete solution validation systems in “Resources for Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam Preparation”.

Specifics of Microsoft Office Certification

For individuals seeking to strengthen their professional skills and knowledge, possessing a Microsoft Office Certification has become an essential advantage in today’s job market. This section will delve into the details of this certification, which attests to proficiency in the essential Office suite programs. We will cover the various levels of certification available and the particulars regarding the certification exam, providing a comprehensive understanding of what to anticipate when pursuing Microsoft Office Certification.

Boosting competitiveness in the job market

Pros wanting to get ahead in the job market have options. One of the best is getting Microsoft Office Specialist Certification. This proves the expert use of programs in the Office suite and shows daily work tasks can be done with ease.

Having this certification could help workers be more productive and make it easier to impress employers. For certain roles like data analysts and admin assistants, having the right skills is important.

The Exam tests how well people know Office programs. People who want to check they are ready can do online courses or Jasperactive’s learning and validation system. This brings alive everyday office tasks.

MOS certifications can help admins land great jobs. Employers value verified skills and this can mean higher salaries for those with the certification.

Verifying expertise and proficiency in core Office suite programs

Microsoft Office Specialist Certification is an official validation that proves one’s expertise in the core suite programs of the Office suite. To pass this certification, candidates must complete specific tasks using an Office program. This is judged against their knowledge of software features, functions and tools.

This cert demonstrates proficiency and the ability to finish tasks in real-life work situations. To get certified, take the exam at one of three levels: Beginner, intermediate or advanced. It verifies current skills and provides a chance to stay up-to-date with the latest software features and functions.

It’s worth noting that the cert brings numerous career benefits such as higher employment rates and an average of 12% higher earnings than non-certified individuals. So, get ready to show your Office skills, race against the clock with the specifics of the cert exam, task completion and time limits.

Specifics of the certification exam, including time and task completion

The Microsoft Office Certification Exam is a test of individuals’ proficiency in one or more Microsoft Office applications. It focuses on essential features and functionalities to improve productivity.

A table is available, showing exam duration, number of tasks, and certification level. These levels are Associate, Expert, and Master, each with varying exam duration and task requirements. However, duration may vary depending on the application being tested. Candidates must complete a set number of tasks within the given time frame.

The exam evaluates various skills, such as designing presentations, formatting documents, implementing formulas, and automating processes. It tests the real-world application of these skills, boosting competency in these key areas.

The Microsoft Office Certification Exam is a valuable tool for measuring an individual’s skills and competencies in using Microsoft Office applications.

Certification levels available, including Associate, Expert, and Master

Microsoft Office Specialist offers certification levels – Associate, Expert, and Master. These certifications show different expertise levels in using the core Office suite programs. Associate shows fundamental understanding and quick completion of routine tasks. Expert shows advanced technical skills and the ability to integrate apps for effective solutions in complex contexts. The Master level is the highest level of certification, and demonstrates superior skill in the entire Office suite.

The MOS Certification exam time limit varies depending on complexity. Students must complete tasks in the time frame while following Microsoft instructions. These certifications provide an advantage in the job market.

We suggest taking advantage of MOS Certification for personal career growth. Don’t miss out on the benefits – start preparing today!

Certification for individual Office applications

Individual Office applications can be certified separately. The Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam offers this. It confirms expertise and skill in a particular Office program. Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and OneNote are some of these apps. Associate and Expert levels are available for individual certification. Tasks specific to each app are tested. This brings credibility to one’s skills and makes them stand out in the job market. Courses, study materials, and practice tests are offered for individual certifications.

Getting certification for each Office application gives more recognition than the overall Microsoft Office Specialist Exam. An example is an administrative assistant who received Excel certification. This improved their Excel functions and made data entry and budget tracking faster. They were also given more tasks due to their new advanced Excel skills.

Prepare to ace the exam with the top-rated resources for Microsoft Office Specialist Certification.

Resources for Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam Preparation

Looking to ace your Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam? Look no further than the resources and tools available to help you prepare. You can find specially-selected course materials and practice tests, as well as CCI Learning Solutions’ comprehensive solutions for skills validation, and Pearson’s career and technical education curriculum among the resources.
Jasperactive for Microsoft Office’s kinesthetic learning system has been mentioned, which is a powerful tool for preparing for the exam.

Learning materials and practice tests available through Certiport Store

Do you need help preparing for the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam? Look no further than Certiport Store! They offer a wide range of learning materials and practice tests. You can access online courses, textbooks, and practice exams for specific Office programs.

Certification bundles come with course materials, certification vouchers, practice exams, and retakes at a discounted cost. The Certiport Console platform also provides a simulated exam environment with immediate feedback.

You can also share your certification status with potential employers via their digital credentialing system. Certify Teacher tools provide personalized coaching and one-on-one training based on your scores. Plus, there are online courses aligned with MOS Certification objectives and interactive lessons.

Certify Teacher offers customized assignments and networking opportunities with education institutes partners who offer MOS certifications. So, why not go with Certiport Store for your MOS certification success?

Specially-selected course materials and practice tests for certification success

Becoming a Microsoft Office Specialist takes specially-selected materials & practice tests. Specialized course materials tailored to each Office program help individuals learn & improve their knowledge & skills at their own pace. Regular practice tests simulate actual exam conditions, and help individuals prepare for MOS certification. It’s also important to review study guides thoroughly!

These materials & tests are also valuable resources for educators who integrate them into lesson plans. Microsoft Office Specialist Certification started in 1995 as the “Microsoft Certified Application Specialist” program. It has grown to become a globally recognized accreditation that gives individuals practical skills. Jasperactive is dedicated to building muscle memory for certification success, providing the tools & resources individuals need to succeed.

Jasperactive for Microsoft Office’s kinesthetic learning and validation system

Jasperactive: a comprehensive training tool for Microsoft Office. It utilizes kinesthetic learning and validation system, giving learners a hands-on experience. Over 200 MOS exam objectives are included.

This program stands out due to its patented technology. It certifies skills competence, based on technical accuracy, not speed or guesswork. It also provides personalized feedback to assess progress.

Jasperactive is proven effective. It helps learners earn an official MOS certification. And prepares them for using Microsoft Office tools professionally.

CCI Learning Solutions’ complete solutions for teaching and validating essential skills

CCI Learning Solutions offers complete solutions for teaching and validating essential skills. These are designed so that users can pass the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam and upskill in their daily work tasks. Their solutions are always fresh with the latest trends. They provide textbooks, workbooks, e-books, and online practice tests to help learners master their skills.

The course modules can be customized to individual needs, allowing any learner to go at their own pace. The learning management system gives instructors live dashboards to track progress. CCI Learning Solutions offers targeted instructions on specific programs like Word and Excel, or a bundle package of all essential Microsoft applications.

Individuals can benefit from CCI Learning Solutions’ comprehensive solutions. They ensure that users pass certification exams and become more productive.

Pearson’s quality Career & Technical Education curriculum solutions .

Pearson offers top-notch Career and Technical Education solutions. They are reliable and factual, created to equip learners with the skills to get Microsoft Office Specialist Certification. The course materials include tests and practice tests to ensure success.

It focuses on developing particular job skills. Learners not only get certification, but also acquire practical knowledge to use in related work tasks.

For those who learn with hands-on experience, Pearson has Jasperactive. It’s a kinesthetic learning validation system for Microsoft Office. Learners can practice and enhance their skills in real-time, at their own pace.

To sum up, Pearson’s quality Career and Technical Education solutions help individuals get the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification. This ultimately boosts their employability in the job market with essential skills and practical knowledge.

Facts About Preparing for Microsoft Office Certification:

  • ✅ Microsoft Office 2019 certification preparation materials are available to help learners prepare for certification exams in Word, Word Expert, Excel, Excel Expert, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Access Expert. (Source:
  • ✅ A prep course can help prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam. (Source:
  • ✅ Microsoft publishes exam description pages for each exam, which break out into sub-objectives and skills. (Source:
  • ✅ The MOS Study Guide is an exam preparation tool for Microsoft Office proficiency and MOS certification credentials. (Source:
  • ✅ Getting certified in Microsoft Office can make you more competitive in the job market and there are different levels of certifications available, including Associate, Expert, and Master. (Source:

FAQs about Preparing For Microsoft Office Certification: A Guide

What is Microsoft Office certification?

Microsoft Office 2019 certification preparation materials are available to help learners prepare for certification exams in Word, Word Expert, Excel, Excel Expert, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Access Expert. These certifications help learners differentiate themselves in a competitive job market and become more productive in their daily work tasks. Getting certified in Microsoft Office can make you more competitive in the job market. The certification verifies your expertise and proficiency in core Office suite programs. The certification covers Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and/or Access (PC only). Passing the exam demonstrates skills in that program and can boost confidence. Statistics show that these certifications give learners the tools to build a brighter future and prepare for a successful career.

How can I prepare for a Microsoft Office certification exam?

You can prepare for a Microsoft Office certification exam by taking prep courses, using study guides and practice tests, and understanding the specific skills and sub-objectives listed in the exam description. Engaging student experiences are provided through a business scenario-based approach that helps learners apply Office 2019 features to real-world challenges. A prep course can help prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam. MOS Prep courses are self-paced and open enrollment, with 6 months to complete. Courses are online and can be taken from home. Savannah Tech offers prep courses for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. Some courses can be purchased with exam vouchers included.

What is the MOS study guide exam?

The MOS Study Guide is an exam preparation tool for Microsoft Office proficiency and MOS certification credentials. It provides in-depth exam prep, practice, and review. The guide is designed to help readers practice and prepare for the skills and knowledge measured by the MOS certification exams. Exam coverage is divided into chapters representing groups of core, related skill sets that correspond to MOS exam objectives.

What is the best approach to taking Microsoft certification exams?

The author has taken many Microsoft certification exams over the past 20 years and has developed an approach to taking them. The best approach to taking Microsoft certification exams is to follow a specific approach, as the exams are generally difficult and require specific knowledge. Microsoft publishes exam description pages for each exam, which break out into sub-objectives and skills. It is important to understand the details of each skill and create a study guide by listing out every skill in an Excel spreadsheet or OneNote table.

What is Jasperactive Microsoft?

Jasperactive for Microsoft Office is a kinesthetic learning and validation system that focuses on critical thinking and application of Microsoft Office Suite applications. It is designed to help prepare students for certification success and is an effective tool for learning and validating essential skills needed in today’s workplace.

Are certification training vouchers included in the downloads of course materials?

Certification training vouchers may be included in the downloads of course materials. For example, Certiport Store offers learning materials, practice tests, and exam vouchers for Microsoft Office Specialist certification in the United States. Certiport provides specially-selected course materials and practice tests to help prepare students for certification success. LearnKey video courseware, interactive labs, prescriptive study guides, and Jasperactive for Microsoft Office are some of the learning products available. CCI Learning Solutions offers complete solutions for teaching and validating essential skills needed in today’s workplace. Pearson provides quality Career & Technical Education curriculum solutions.

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