Microsoft CSP Program Guide: All You Need to Know

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Key Takeaway:

  • The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program allows partners to resell Microsoft cloud solutions to their customers, providing them with access to a wide range of products and services.
  • The CSP program offers two operational models: the indirect model and the direct-bill model. The indirect model allows partners to work with indirect providers who provide tools and resources for managing customer relationships, customer support, and billing. The direct-bill model allows partners to manage billing and support directly.
  • The CSP program provides partners with a diverse portfolio of products and services, including Microsoft 365, Azure, and a subset of server and desktop licenses. This allows partners to offer a wide range of solutions to their customers.
  • The CSP program offers benefits for partners, including deeper customer engagement, increased profits, and the ability to provide managed services, making it an attractive option for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs).
  • Companies such as Sherweb and Pax8 can help businesses achieve success with the CSP program by offering cloud solutions and support for remote work and virtual office experiences, respectively.
  • The CSP program is significant in the IT industry as it allows businesses to replace traditional infrastructure with cloud solutions. By 2020, businesses are expected to spend over $500 billion on cloud technology.

Introduction to Microsoft CSP Program

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program is great for businesses who want to use the cloud. It’s user-friendly, flexible and easy to manage. Through this program, businesses and individuals can buy Microsoft Cloud Services from its partners. That means reliable and scalable solutions.

The CSP Program gives partners lots of advantages. These include direct billing, useful tools and pricing flexibility. Furthermore, partners gain access to new products and services. This expands their customer base and increases revenue. Partners also get access to the Partner Center portal. This portal makes it simple to manage client accounts, view customer subscriptions and usage, and track billing and payments.

The Partner Center offers extra features too like tailored reports, customer onboarding tools, marketing resources and technical support. To sum up, the Microsoft CSP Program offers businesses and individuals a wide range of cloud-based solutions, tools and resources. It has great pricing flexibility, direct billing and a comprehensive Partner Center portal. This makes it a great choice for businesses wanting to grow. Investing in the Microsoft CSP Program will be beneficial in the long run.

Two operational models in the CSP program

In the world of Microsoft’s CSP Program, the way you choose to do business can have a significant impact on your bottom line. This section will cover two distinct operational models within the CSP Program: the Indirect Model and the Direct-bill Model. Let’s dive into the operational differences between these two models and find out which one might make the most sense for your business.

Indirect model

The Microsoft CSP program offers the Indirect model. Partners work with indirect providers. Providers offer services like support, billing, and provisioning. They also handle administrative tasks. By using providers, partners can cut costs and give clients a smooth experience.

For this model, partners need a partner account with an indirect provider. Also, they must complete training courses. Providers give partners access to resources like technical expertise and marketing support.

The Indirect model lets partners offer customized services to clients. This can be done by partnering with other vendors. Also, by working with an indirect provider, partners can create unique solutions.

When picking an indirect provider, partners must think about things like pricing, service quality, and available resources. They should pick a provider that works with their business goals and provides reliable support to clients.

Direct-bill model

The direct-bill model is a popular choice for partners in the Microsoft CSP program. No third-party provider is needed as partners can manage and bill customers directly for Microsoft products and services. It gives partners the ability to tailor their services to meet customer needs.

However, requirements must be met. Partners must have a Microsoft Partner Network membership, be able to bill customers using the Azure portal, comply with Microsoft policies on customer privacy and data management and have a dependable support system for customers.

VARs and MSPs find the direct-bill model attractive for more lucrative cloud computing opportunities. Greater incentives are offered than under the indirect billing model. Partners should consider providing extra services, like cloud backup and hybrid cloud solutions, to protect customer data and ease cloud transition.

Sherweb and Pax8 offer resources and tools to help partners succeed under the direct-bill model. Sherweb offers MSPs a suite of cloud-based solutions and a large partner network. Pax8 supports remote workforces with virtual office technologies.

The CSP program grants partners access to Microsoft 365, Azure, and desktop licenses without further purchases. The direct-bill model offers control and flexibility for managing customer billing and service offerings.

Products and services available in the CSP program

With the Microsoft CSP program, businesses have access to a range of products and services aimed at enhancing their operations and productivity. This section will take a closer look at the different products and services available through the CSP program, including Microsoft 365, Azure, and server and desktop licenses. By understanding the offerings available, businesses can choose the solutions that are best suited to their needs, improving their overall efficiency and success.

Microsoft 365

The Microsoft 365 bundle in the CSP program is an extensive solution. It provides cloud-based services to businesses. These include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. The suite also provides collaborative workspaces like Teams, SharePoint, and Yammer. Security and compliance features enhance data protection. Multi-device compatibility and remote access make remote work more efficient. AI-powered tools automate operations and advanced analytics provide business insights.

It’s recommended to familiarize yourself with all features. Assess which ones suit your business best. MSPs can help ensure functionality. Training resources aid in transitioning teams to the platform. This boosts efficiency and productivity.

Azure enables businesses to scale and innovate with cloud services.


Businesses can gain much by using Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. Azure offers a scalable system, including storage, computational power, and networking services. It also has over 200 services which are regularly updated with the latest technology.

MSPs can help companies select the perfect IT solution for them, making sure they take advantage of Azure’s capabilities. One of these is Azure’s ability to work with hybrid cloud settings. This allows users to link their own systems with public or private clouds. This integration assists businesses to become more efficient, while still preserving security and accessibility.

Not having Azure in customer offerings can miss out on chances. As cloud techs become more widely used, it is important to adopt Azure soon. Otherwise, companies may have slower speeds and fewer features than other platforms. Avoid this – start using Azure now!

Server and desktop licenses

The CSP program has a range of server and desktop licenses to pick from. W10 Enterprise E3/E5, Windows Server Standard/Datacenter Editions, MS SQL Server Standard/Enterprise Editions, Windows Virtual Desktop Access (VDA), RDS Subscriber Access License (SAL) are some of them.

Other than these, Office Professional Plus, Office Standard, Visio Pro for Office 365, Project Online and Dynamics 365 Business Central are also available.

The CSP program allows customers to pay either monthly or annually, depending on their needs. All these licenses provide powerful features that not only enhance productivity and security but also remain compliant with Microsoft’s licensing policies.

To know more about each license and its capabilities, check Microsoft’s official documentation.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) market size is estimated to reach $160 billion by the end of this year.

Partners, use the CSP program to make profits, engage customers, and offer managed services. This is your chance to succeed!

Benefits of the CSP program for partners

With the Microsoft CSP program, partners can enjoy a multitude of benefits that go beyond standard resale programs. This section will delve into the advantages of the CSP program, including enhanced profits, deeper customer engagement, and the capability to provide managed services. In reality, according to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting, partners experienced an average increase of 30% in revenue and a 50% increase in customer retention when they made the switch to the CSP program.

Increased profits

Partners in the CSP program have a chance to get more money. They can offer various products and services, like Microsoft 365, Azure, Server, and desktop licenses. It’s simple to bring on new customers and manage their subscriptions too. This leads to larger revenue and better customer interaction.

Furthermore, partners can provide managed services to customers who need help with cloud solutions. This gives a steady source of repeat income and creates lasting connections. This leads to higher profits. Businesses are projected to spend $304.9 billion on cloud tech by 2021. Partners can benefit from this trend and make more money through the CSP program. By engaging customers and forming lasting relationships, partners can take advantage of this opportunity to raise their profits and reach long-term success.

Deeper customer engagement

The CSP program is a great advantage for creating deeper customer engagement. Partners can access a range of Microsoft products & services, allowing them to customize tailored solutions. This leads to increased satisfaction & loyalty.

Managed services, timely support & optimal Microsoft tech investment can help partners form closer relationships with customers.

The CSP program lets partners offer an extensive range of products & services. This enables the delivery of personalized & efficient solutions. This increases trust & repeat business.

Through CSP, partners can interact with customers & position themselves for long-term success. Cloud solutions are increasing in preference for IT infrastructure.

To make the most of the CSP program, partners should create tailored packages. These packages contain multiple Microsoft products & services, enhancing customization & providing opportunities for upselling.

Ability to provide managed services

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) have the opportunity to offer managed services to their customers through the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. This enables partners to manage their customers’ Microsoft environments remotely, create cloud solutions, and address any issues that appear.

Managed services benefit partners. They can be profitable. By joining the CSP program, MSPs gain access to helpful resources and tools. These allow them to effectively manage their customers’ IT infrastructure, leading to high uptime and greater customer satisfaction.

Moreover, CSP participants can deploy cloud resources quickly and easily reducing their customers’ hardware costs. Managed services enable partners to be a one-stop-shop for all IT needs, building customer relationships. Tools, such as automated billing and complementary services, help MSPs become more efficient and move beyond traditional reselling models. This leads to a strong brand reputation in their respective markets.

For those aiming to reach new heights in the CSP program, Sherweb and Pax8 offer cloud solutions and remote working support. This can help partners get to where they want to be.

How Sherweb and Pax8 can help businesses achieve success with the CSP program

If you are a business looking to succeed with Microsoft’s CSP program, then it is worth knowing about Sherweb and Pax8. In this section, we will explore the cloud solutions offered by Sherweb and how they can benefit your business. Sherweb offers cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and more. These solutions help businesses have secure access to their apps and data from anywhere, so they can work more efficiently and effectively. Pax8, on the other hand, provides remote work support through its virtual office experience. Businesses can achieve seamless operations using this tool.

Sherweb’s cloud solutions

Sherweb’s cloud solutions are tailored for businesses in the CSP program. They offer a range of tools, such as hosting services, VoIP, and other productivity tools. Plus, they use Microsoft Azure, which provides advanced technology that is reliable and flexible.

Sherweb also created user-friendly portals, interfaces, and security features to suit the needs of each business. They provide support services to make cloud deployment easier and ensure a quality customer experience.

By choosing Sherweb’s cloud solutions, businesses get access to modern technology and expert help. This boosts their success and keeps them ahead of the competition.

Pax8’s support for remote work and virtual office experience

Remote work and the virtual office experience are becoming more popular due to the current global situation. Partnering with Pax8 can help businesses maximize their productivity and efficiency.

Pax8 provides cloud-based collaboration tools, backup & recovery applications, and a dedicated technical support team. They also offer value-added services like consultation, helpdesk support, network management, security assessments, regulatory compliance adherence, and vulnerability scanning.

Pax8’s flexible payment plans allow for better cash flow management along with scalable cloud infrastructure & solutions. They have extensive experience providing remote work solutions and are a trusted partner for navigating digital transformation. The CSP program is the future of cloud-based solutions & can improve business operations. Experience Pax8’s support for remote work & the virtual office today!

The significance of the CSP program in the IT industry

Businesses are indeed turning towards cloud solutions instead of traditional infrastructure. As a result of this shift, the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program has gained significant momentum. This program is becoming increasingly significant in the IT industry and is revolutionizing cloud technology. Furthermore, industry experts have predicted that businesses will spend a considerable amount on cloud technology in the near future. Let’s explore the significance of the CSP program and its impact on cloud technology.

Cloud solutions replacing traditional infrastructure

Cloud solutions are taking over traditional IT infrastructure. The Microsoft CSP program is perfect for businesses who want to enjoy cloud benefits without investing in costly on-premises systems. Azure is one such cloud platform that allows businesses to manage their operations and data remotely. Microsoft 365 is another attractive feature of this program. It offers seamless collaboration and communication tools for remote work.

Cloud solutions offer many cost-saving benefits. There’s no need for physical hardware, and maintenance costs are removed. This frees up resources for businesses to spend in other areas.

It’s estimated that global spending on cloud technology will reach $500 billion by 2022. This trend shows how important cloud solutions are in various industries. Microsoft CSP program offers MSPs and VARs the chance to leverage this growth by providing cloud services to their customers.

Expected spending on cloud tech by businesses

Businesses are predicted to up their spending on cloud tech. This is thanks to the move from traditional infrastructure to cloud solutions. According to the “Microsoft CSP Program Guide”, a table can be made with categories like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Professional Services.

IaaS can contain virtual machines, storage, databases, and networking services. PaaS may include application tools and middleware. SaaS can hold CRM solutions like Salesforce, and Marketing Automation platforms like Hubspot. Plus, there are other SaaS products for HRM and Accounting.

The prof. services category should include consultation and managed services. These services provide support for implementation planning, migration help, and DevOps automation for CI/CD pipelines.

To know how businesses spend via CSPs, it is helpful to know about integration and customization services. This will give an understanding of the end-to-end functionality of the cloud architectures and the main drivers of the growing adoption.

Conclusion: The potential of CSP program for Managed Service Providers and Value Added Resellers

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program is a chance for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs) to reach new heights. With the CSP program, MSPs and VARs can offer their customers cloud-based solutions from Microsoft, like Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365.

These solutions are highly flexible and customizable, giving customers more options than ever before. Plus, the CSP program streamlines and simplifies the subscription management process. This saves MSPs and VARs time and resources.

Furthermore, CSP partners get access to Microsoft’s industry-leading support and training. This helps them remain up-to-date and provide excellent services, improving their reputation and customer loyalty.

Overall, the CSP program has many benefits for MSPs and VARs. It can give them more offerings, revenue streams, and customers. Leveraging Microsoft’s cloud-based solutions and services can help MSPs and VARs reach new heights and provide more value to their clients.

Five Facts About Microsoft CSP Program Guide: All You Need to Know:

  • ✅ Microsoft introduced the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program in 2015 to allow customers to procure Microsoft cloud services and software licenses directly from Microsoft partners. (Source:
  • ✅ There are two models in the CSP program: the indirect model and the direct-bill model. (Source:
  • ✅ Products and services available in CSP include Microsoft 365, Azure, and a subset of server and desktop licenses. (Source:
  • ✅ CSP partners often bundle these services with their own IT services, providing a modernized customer experience, with a skilled partner managing the subscription and providing one point of contact for all needs. (Source:
  • ✅ The Microsoft CSP program helps Managed Service Providers and Value Added Resellers add cloud services to their portfolio, and partners can sell and support subscriptions to Microsoft services and offer full cloud solution services to customers. CSPs can set their own prices and profit margins for reselling. (Source:

FAQs about Microsoft Csp Program Guide: All You Need To Know

Overview of Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program

The Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, introduced by Microsoft in 2015, is a platform that allows customers to directly procure Microsoft cloud products and services from partners. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs) can also sell and support Microsoft services and offer full cloud solution services to customers. CSP partners can offer deeper customer engagements, increased profits, and the ability to provide managed services.

Operational Models and Requirements for Selling Through CSP

There are two models in the CSP program: the indirect model and the direct-bill model. The indirect model allows partners to work with indirect providers who offer tools and resources for managing customer relationships, customer support, and billing. To participate in the indirect model, partners must have an active membership in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program and a PartnerID for the location they want to sell in. The direct-bill model, on the other hand, allows partners to directly sell, provision, and manage customer subscriptions to Microsoft cloud services.

Microsoft Cloud Products and Services Available in CSP

Microsoft CSP offers a wide range of cloud products and services, including Microsoft 365, Azure, and a subset of server and desktop licenses. Additionally, Teams and M365 Business Voice enable remote work and virtualize the office experience with productivity, collaboration, and communication tools for employees.

Benefits of CSP for Partners

CSP provides a modernized customer experience, with a skilled partner managing the subscription and providing one point of contact for all needs. MCPs, VARs, and MSPs who partner with Sherweb can access the CSP program to offer Microsoft cloud solutions, grow their business, and delight clients. Partners can set their own prices and profit margins for reselling, and the program is open to all Microsoft Partners, regardless of size or location.

CSP and Licensing Agreements with Microsoft

While CSP still requires a customer to sign a licensing agreement with Microsoft, there are significant differences in how CSP works compared to traditional licensing contracts. The program offers skilled partner management and a more modernized approach to customer support to provide a better customer experience. Additionally, MSPs and VARs can offer full cloud solution services, making it an attractive offering for Microsoft’s partners.

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