How to Get Microsoft CSP Discounts

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Key Takeaways:

  • To become a Microsoft CSP partner, you need to meet the program’s requirements and complete the authorization guide.
  • Partner status in the CSP program can be confirmed through a business letter, and customer acceptance of Microsoft Customer Agreements should be confirmed.
  • Software promotions are available in the CSP program. Eligibility criteria and constraints need to be considered before applying, including partner offers for Microsoft cloud services and other products, as well as pricing and offers for various Microsoft products like the Microsoft 365 E3 promotional offer with 15% discount and seat limit of 2,400 max seats per customer tenant.
  • Microsoft 365 E3 provides numerous benefits for customers, including advanced security features and productivity tools.
  • CSP partners should engage with new and existing customers to make the most of the program’s opportunities, like the Microsoft 365 E3 Do More with Less (DMWL) promo offer available exclusively on CSP NCE, which provides a 15% discount on the Microsoft 365 E3 annual commitment CSP price (monthly and annual billing frequency) for new-to-ME3 customers, from February 1, 2023, through June 30, 2023.

Introduction to Microsoft CSP program and its requirements

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program is a collaborative platform that offers flexible cloud-based services for businesses. In this section, we will explore the fundamentals of the Microsoft CSP program, including the requirements for becoming a CSP partner. Come discover how the CSP program can benefit your business!

Overview of Microsoft CSP program

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program is specially crafted for partners who wish to sell Microsoft’s cloud solutions and services straight to their customers. It has a comprehensive platform allowing partners to give their own support, services, and billing options for reselling Microsoft’s services. Moreover, it provides training, resources, and access to a wider range of products and services which can be highly beneficial for partners.

To become a Microsoft CSP partner, organizations need to:

  1. Submit an application on the Partner Center website.
  2. Have a valid Partner Network membership.
  3. Meet certain other requirements, e.g. having a customer billing system in place.

Once accepted into the program, partners can immediately start offering Microsoft’s cloud solutions and services to customers. Additionally, Microsoft CSP program offers various promotions on selected products which partners can apply for through their Partner Center account. They can verify their eligibility for these promotions on the “Offer” tab.

Potential partners should evaluate if the Microsoft CSP program aligns with their business strategy. By joining the program, they can resell Microsoft’s offerings with added benefits such as unique support and service options, leading to greater profitability growth opportunities. Organizations who want to sell cloud solutions and services to customers should seriously consider joining the Microsoft CSP program.

Requirements for becoming a Microsoft CSP partner

Becoming a Microsoft CSP partner requires fulfilling particular requirements and adhering to special authorization procedures. Prospective partners must first meet the set eligibility criteria of Microsoft to join the CSP program.

Furthermore, potential CSP partners can gain competency by passing Microsoft-based expertise exams and getting resell rights through licensing agreements with Microsoft for the products they want to offer customers, along with other variables influencing their status as an indirect provider.

Prospective partners must have a reliable infrastructure, including automating billing processes and providing services to customers. They need to agree to Microsoft’s Cloud Service Provider Terms guidelines too.

To improve their chances of success, prospective CSP partners should already have a connection with either a distributor or an indirect provider taking part in the program. This can help in achieving desired competency scores or attaining required authorization for exceptional offers accessible to those in the program.

Microsoft has modified its selection process for eligible partners based on each region’s business dynamics. Another criterion, labeled “the right infrastructure,” is now included. Potential partners must have adequate infrastructure abilities for technical automation of services provisioning, managing billing processes, and offering outstanding customer support, ensuring customers get top service delivery experiences.

The Microsoft Partner Agreement and Cloud Solution Provider program authorization guide

Looking to receive discounts through the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program? Understanding the Microsoft Partner Agreement and the authorization guide is crucial. In this section, we will provide an overview of the Microsoft Partner Agreement, followed by information on the authorization guide for the Cloud Solution Provider program. By understanding and following these programs, you can take advantage of the benefits they offer.

Overview of the Microsoft Partner Agreement

The Microsoft Partner Agreement is essential for the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. It outlines the terms and conditions for becoming a partner of Microsoft. To become a partner, you must have a valid reseller agreement with Microsoft, display financial security and demonstrate technical expertise in the cloud.

This agreement covers data protection, adhering to local laws and regulations, and intellectual property rights. Knowing and following the Microsoft Partner Agreement is necessary to stay a certified CSP partner. Not sticking to the guidelines may end your partnership.

Overall, the Microsoft Partner Agreement is the guide for the relationship between Microsoft and its partners. It ensures partners provide quality services and follow relevant laws. By taking this agreement, partners can get authorized and use all the features of the Cloud Solution Provider program.

Authorization guide for the Cloud Solution Provider program

To become authorized in the Cloud Solution Provider program, certain requirements set by Microsoft must be followed. There’s a 3-step guide:

  1. Complete the application form with business info such as tax ID and contact details.
  2. Persons in customer-facing roles must pass a background check.
  3. Accept Microsoft Partner Agreement and any agreements related to specific offers.

It’s also necessary to request a business letter from Microsoft, confirming partner status. This letter is key to starting cloud solutions for customers. But, eligibility rules for software promotions should be known. While many types of promotions may be available, there may be restrictions on how they can be subscribed or applied. Understanding these rules helps partners promote Microsoft products and stay compliant with program regulations.

Requesting a business letter confirming or certifying partner status in the CSP program

As a Microsoft CSP partner, verifying your partner status can unlock discounts, incentives, and access to exclusive resources. In this section, we will discuss the significance of requesting a business letter that verifies the partner status in the CSP program. Moreover, we will go over the steps involved in requesting this letter so that you can access all the benefits that come with being a Microsoft CSP partner.

Importance of confirming or certifying partner status

Partner status is essential for businesses in the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. It unlocks resources and tools unavailable to regular users. CSP partners can enjoy special pricing, discounts, and exclusive Microsoft offers.

Customers of CSP partners only receive these benefits if partner status is secured. It proves the CSP partner’s expertise and experience. It also offers customers peace of mind.

To get partner status, request a business letter from Microsoft. This confirms an active subscription and compliance with governance requirements. Certification and customer security accreditations are important for this.

Partner status speeds up procurement timescales, saves time and money, and increases customer satisfaction. It strengthens customer-vendor relationships in today’s competitive market.

Keep checking partner status to stay compliant. This prevents pressure on corporate procedures if non-compliance events occur.

To take advantage of the CSP program, partner status is essential. It opens up a wealth of opportunities for businesses.

Steps to request a business letter

A business letter confirming CSP program partner status is an important document. To get it, partners have to follow 3 steps.

  1. Login to Partner Center dashboard with valid credentials.
  2. Go to the ‘Support’ option and select ‘Create a new support request’.
  3. Provide the necessary details, such as selecting the CSP subject category, attaching relevant documents for verification, and filling out the request.

Microsoft will review and act on the request quickly. But it may take a few business days due to high volume of requests. Thus, all info and documents must be provided to avoid delays or denials. Partners should be familiar with the terms of engagement before making inquiries. This will help them confirm customer acceptance and navigate Microsoft customer agreements easily.

Microsoft Customer Agreements and confirming customer acceptance

When it comes to obtaining Microsoft CSP discounts, understanding the Microsoft Customer Agreement is crucial. In this section, we will explore the two subsections that cover this topic – Understanding Microsoft Customer Agreement and Confirming Customer Acceptance of Agreements. So, buckle up and get ready to gain insights on the importance of Microsoft Customer Agreements and how customer acceptance plays a role in obtaining CSP discounts.

Understanding Microsoft Customer Agreements

Microsoft Customer Agreements are a must for folks who use Microsoft’s products and services. These agreements list details like frequency of billing, fees, length, privacy policy, license requirements, and support. Plus, they include compliance policies and data protection rules.

Before signing, partners must understand the clauses in their entirety. Changes to these agreements could affect sales, so partners must stay informed. Additionally, it’s essential to gain customer approval to avoid miscommunication about contractual obligations.

In a nutshell, understanding and complying with Microsoft Customer Agreements is key. It allows customers easy access to Microsoft’s offerings. And, it helps both customers and partners avoid potential disputes over contracts.

Confirming customer acceptance of agreements

Ensuring customer acceptance of agreements is a must for the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. This helps partners avoid any legal disputes. The agreements are legally binding. It’s essential that customers understand all terms and conditions before signing.

Partners can track agreement status through Partner Center. Following up regularly with customers is important to make sure they comply with the terms of the agreement.

To be ready for potential audits, CSP partners should keep records of customer agreements and their acceptance status. Confirming acceptance of agreements quickly and neatly ensures a successful partnership between CSP partners and their customers.

Confidential client relationships in Germany under the Criminal Code

Confidential client relationships in Germany are governed by the Civil Code, which has significant implications for businesses. In this section, we will provide an overview of confidential client relationships and how they operate within the context of German law. Additionally, we will explore the implications of data privacy and protection laws on these relationships, shedding light on the various legal risks that companies must consider when conducting business in Germany.

Overview of confidential client relationships

Confidentiality is essential in every client connection. CSP partners providing Microsoft services must keep this in mind. They have a responsibility to protect client info and make sure only allowed people can see sensitive info. Keeping client relationships private is very important for CSP partners, as they deal with customer data, including PII and other proprietary materials.

Records must be exact and policies must be implemented for storing, accessing, and sharing data. This builds trust with customers and helps CSP partners avoid penalties under privacy laws like GDPR. Germany’s Criminal Code has an attorney-client privilege rule, so CSP partners’ confidential communication with clients can’t be disclosed in court.

Understanding such rules is key for building strong partnerships with clients and keeping confidentiality. Ultimately, protecting client relationships is essential for CSP partners’ success. Meeting regulatory requirements is vital, but transparent policies concerning data storage, access, and sharing really strengthen the bond with clients. This overview stresses the importance of confidential client relationships for successful CSP partnerships.

Implications of the Criminal Code in Germany

Criminal Code in Germany has serious implications for organizations and their confidential client relationships. Microsoft’s CSP program partners must know of these implications to abide by German law. The principle of confidentiality protects confidential client relationships. This means any info shared with a lawyer or another professional must not be revealed without client’s approval. Not following this principle can bring civil and criminal consequences for the person or organization responsible.

To stick to German law, Microsoft partners must take steps to protect confidential info, such as providing secure communication channels. They also have to understand Germany’s legal framework for confidential client relationships to stay away from any complications when operating in the country. Remembering to comply with German laws regarding confidentiality is critical. It helps to avoid legal issues regarding data protection and client info, plus safeguards the organization’s reputation and integrity.

Overview of software promotions in the CSP program

Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program provides various software promotions to assist businesses in saving money and reaping the benefits of Microsoft’s powerful cloud solutions. This section explores the different types of software promotions available in the CSP program, as well as their duration and date range. Businesses can take advantage of Microsoft’s latest technologies and stay ahead of the competition through discounts and free trials.

Types of software promotions

Software promotions are essential for attracting and keeping customers. There are several types of software promotions, such as premium promotions. These give bigger discounts on yearly plans or trips; they are aimed at getting a bigger audience and growing sales. Another type is product bundles, giving multiple solutions for a lower price. Customers can try out multiple products without spending too much. Companies use targeted promotions to reach certain customer groups. This could be based on age, location or past buys, to create customer loyalty. Benchmark promotions focus on enticing competitors’ users with free trials and discounted yearly subscription rates.

It is important to consider the duration and applicable dates of any deal. Different businesses may prefer different kinds of software promotions. Small companies might like one-time special packages, while bigger ones may prefer promotional bundles, which streamline processes and offer top-tier service support. Knowing your customers’ needs is key to choosing the right type of software promotion for them. So, it is very important to know the various promotions available in the industry.

Duration and date range of promotions

Promotion Name Start Date End Date Conditions/Restrictions
Discount on Microsoft 365 Business Standard January 1st March 31st Minimum purchase requirement of five licenses

Partners participating in the Microsoft CSP Program should consider promotion duration and date range.

A Reference Data resource can help partners determine promotion types, eligibility, and how to apply.

Partners must check this table regularly to stay up-to-date with promotion durations. This ensures they can take advantage of discounts for their customers.

Specific promotion details may affect duration or date range, so partners should review all documentation before applying to customer accounts. Microsoft usually provides these details with the promotion.

In conclusion, partners need to remember that taking duration and date range of promotions into account is key for optimizing CSP benefits for their customers.

Verification and application of software promotions

Verification and application of software promotions can be a challenging process for those who are unfamiliar with it. In this article, we will discuss the steps for verifying software promotions and how to apply for them. This information can help businesses and software developers to obtain Microsoft CSP discounts, which can ultimately save them money.

How to verify software promotions

Verifying software promotions is key. Partners must follow six steps:

  1. Check eligibility constraints and conditions.
  2. Check discounts or additional services.
  3. Make sure the promotion period is right.
  4. Confirm customers meet purchase requirements.
  5. Follow up with customers who accepted a promotion but need help.
  6. Ensure orders and adjustments fit the promotion standards.

These steps are quality control measures and prevent errors. Microsoft offers training materials and partner forums for support. An example: a partner had trouble verifying a code. With Microsoft’s help, they fixed the technical error and proceeded with the transaction. By following these steps and using Microsoft’s resources, partners can have a hassle-free experience.

Application process for software promotions

Software promotions in the Microsoft CSP program are key for partners hoping to benefit from Microsoft’s offerings. First, verify promo availability and details. After that, fill out a form on the Partner Center portal. Ensure the info is accurate and complete to avoid delays. Submit the application; Microsoft will review it and notify partners of the status.

But, keep in mind eligibility constraints. For example, there’s a limit on promo offers applied to one subscription or customer account. So, review all terms and conditions before submitting.

In conclusion, the CSP program gives partners access to Microsoft product promotions. By understanding the application process, partners can make the most of them, engage customers, and grow their business.

Eligibility constraints for software promotions

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) discounts can indeed lead to significant cost savings for businesses. However, it is crucial to understand the eligibility criteria for software promotions before taking the plunge. In this section, we will delve into the limitations of software promotions and the restrictions on applying them to ensure that you can maximize the available discounts.

Limitations on software promotions

When it comes to Microsoft CSP software promotions, partners must meet certain eligibility requirements. Promotions cannot be applied retroactively and are only available for accounts managed by the partner. Seat and duration limits must also be taken into account. Regional availability and product restrictions may also affect the application of promotions.

Partners must stay up-to-date with available offers and meet all criteria before applying them. Trying to apply promotions without meeting the criteria is like trying to use an expired coupon – it won’t work.

Engaging with customers and advertising these deals can help partners add value to their services.

Constraints on applying software promotions

When offering Microsoft CSP promotions, certain constraints must be taken into account. Each promotion has a start and end date. Partners must ensure they apply the promotion within that timeframe.

In addition, there are eligibility criteria for each promotion. Partners must check customers meet all requirements before applying any promotion.

Also, partners should comply with any extra terms and conditions in the promotion details. This may involve limits on the number of times a promotion can be used per customer account or combination restrictions.

It’s important to understand these constraints if you want to offer software promotions via the Microsoft CSP program. Ignoring them could lead to invalid promotions and consequences for breaking program policies. You can get the best Microsoft cloud services and product deals from the CSP program.

Partner offers in the CSP program for Microsoft cloud services and other products

Partner incentives and offers have contributed to the popularity of Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program among businesses. This section will discuss the different partner offers that are available in the CSP program for Microsoft cloud services and other products. We will provide an overview of the partner offers and take a closer look at those available for Microsoft cloud services and other products. Our goal is to help you maximize your investments in these services and products.

Overview of partner offers

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program provides partners with many opportunities to grow their businesses. These partner offers include software promotions, license-based services, and Microsoft 365 E3 promotional offers.

A great benefit of CSP is that partners get discounts on products and services. This makes it easier for them to attract new customers and upgrade existing ones.

CSP also makes it easier for partners and customers to connect directly. Billing is simpler, and there’s easy access to support. This helps both partners and customers gain from the program.

Overall, the partner offers in CSP promote engagement and offer value-driven solutions. This helps create long-term relationships that benefit both partners and customers.

Offers for Microsoft cloud services and other products

Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program offers lots of advantages and promotions for eligible partners and customers who want to use their cloud services and solutions. These promotions include discounts or bundles for Microsoft cloud services, Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and more. Partners can check the promotion details on their Partner Center dashboard to verify if they’re eligible.

When applying for software promotions, partners must follow steps. For example, they need to meet minimum purchase requirements and seat limits, and note down limited-time availabilities.

Apart from software promotions, CSP has partner offers for Microsoft cloud services and related products. Plus, license-based services are supported by new commerce experience offers. This makes it easier for customers to buy, as upfront payments and manual invoicing aren’t necessary.

Microsoft 365 E3 promotional package is an offer popular with partners. It provides discounts based on seat numbers purchased, and includes Identity & Information protection policy-driven security and Advanced Compliance solutions. With these offers, partners and customers can save money while adopting Microsoft’s innovative solutions.

New commerce experience offers in license-based services

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program has launched a new commerce experience aimed at license-based services. In this section, we will explore its offerings, with a focus on two primary sub-sections.

Sub-section 10.1 provides a detailed overview of the new commerce experience, while sub-section 10.2 offers insights into the available license-based services.

Understanding the new commerce experience

The new commerce experience is an enhanced buying and selling process for Microsoft cloud services and other products within the CSP program. It simplifies the purchasing process by giving customers more customization, delivery, and management options. Plus, a clear and transparent billing system with usage-based billing helps customers save. Self-service tools let customers add or remove subscriptions or modify their packages.

Partners that use this new commerce experience get automated and self-service portals. They can provide personalized service models that fit customer needs. Plus, tracking usage and subscriptions in real-time helps partners give customers more guidance.

For partners to get the most out of this new commerce experience, they need to understand how it works. They should explore different licensing models under the CSP program to find one that matches their goals and customers’ expectations. Learning how Microsoft 365 E3 promotional offers work alongside other licensing models gives partners the edge over competitors.

In summary, the new commerce experience is a great way to buy and sell Microsoft cloud services and other products under the CSP program. Partners benefit from expanded support options and can provide customers with more flexible service models. Understanding this approach and different licensing models helps partners stay ahead and offer more value to customers.

Offers for license-based services

License-based services are a key part of the Microsoft CSP program. There are many offers that customers can take advantage of. These are designed to encourage partners to help their clients use the newest tech.

Businesses benefit from license-based services’ flexible and scalable solutions, which can be customized to their needs. Microsoft provides many licensing options, like per-user subscriptions or perpetual licenses. This gives customers more buying choices.

CSP partners offer bundles of multiple license-based services. This adds value to customers by giving them a complete solution.

CSP partner promotions let businesses buy license-based services from CSPs at a discount. This helps them get software at lower prices and simplifies invoicing and maintenance.

Microsoft offers unique license-based service promotions throughout the year. This gives new commerce partners the chance to save on licensing or get extra benefits.

Participating in the promotions helps CSP partners with their own business growth and adds value to their clients.

Customers benefit from buying license-based services through CSPs. They get flexible payment options and potential savings compared to other buying routes. Microsoft provides guidance on restrictions and promotional plans show each offer’s limits or duration.

If you want Microsoft products, get ready to spend!

Pricing and offers for various Microsoft products

With Microsoft being a household name for its software products, it can be challenging to keep track of the various pricing and offers they provide. In this section, we will discuss the details of pricing and offers for different Microsoft products, including an overview of pricing for Microsoft products and a closer look at the various offers available.

Overview of pricing for Microsoft products

Microsoft offer a huge range of products, including cloud services and software applications. We’ve created a table for an overview of prices. It has columns for product name, licensing type and pricing details. This helps partners find the best licensing option and provide accurate quotes to customers.

The pricing for Microsoft products changes based on factors like license type, customer segment and support needed. The table shows the most up-to-date pricing info.

It’s worth noting that certain promotional offers could affect the table prices. So, double-check any promotions before quoting customers using the steps we’ve outlined.

Forrester Research studies show that customers who switch to newer Windows OS versions are rewarded with a 15% cut in service desk support costs.

The following table gives an overview of the pricing details of various Microsoft products:

Product Name Licensing Type Pricing Details
Microsoft 365 Monthly or annual subscription Starting at $5/user/month*
Microsoft Office One-time purchase or subscription Starting at $149.99 or $6.99/user/month*
Azure Pay-as-you-go or monthly credit Starting at $0.005/hour*
Windows 10 One-time purchase or volume licensing Starting at $139 or $169*

*Prices are subject to change and may vary based on promotions and other factors.

Offers for various Microsoft products

Microsoft’s CSP program offers customers great deals. There are discounts on Microsoft Office suites, upgrades for Windows operating systems, and bundled packages with cloud storage. Plus, there are promotions for Azure cloud computing services. Plus, you can save up to 10% when buying multiple Microsoft products together.

These offers make Microsoft products affordable without compromising quality. You can upgrade office software or explore new cloud computing options. But, offers and availability may vary by region and timing. Check with Microsoft resellers or your CSP partner to verify what is available.

Microsoft 365 E3 promotional offer through CSP with discount and seat limit details

Looking to save money on your Microsoft 365 subscription? Look no further than the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. The CSP program offers promotional discounts on select plans. In this section, we’ll explore the details of the Microsoft 365 E3 promotional offer, including the discount percentage and seat limit restrictions. With this exclusive offer, you can maximize your savings.

Overview of Microsoft 365 E3 promotional offer

Unlock the secrets of Microsoft CSP discounts and seating limits for maximum savings and scalability! Microsoft 365 E3 is a comprehensive promotional offer, just for customers. It provides an affordable way to access Microsoft cloud services. This limited-time bundle includes Office 365 Enterprise E3, Windows 10 Enterprise E3, and EMS E3.

Information Protection for Office apps, OME (Office Message Encryption), and BYOK (Bring Your Own Key) for Azure Information Protection are included. Plus, servicing rights’ attachments grant customers the ability to update or upgrade their subscriptions. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and other top-tier cybersecurity functionalities are also included.

Purchase this bundle via the Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP) portal. However, note the seat limit of 1,000 per tenant. Subscribing to Microsoft 365 E3 through CSPs brings several benefits. Seamlessly manage operations, project management, and secure file sharing with clients across different apps on various devices. Plus, advanced AI algorithms and machine learning techniques protect vital customer data.

Discount and seat limit details

If you are keen on Microsoft 365 E3, particularly as part of the CSP program, then the discount and seat limit data will be of great interest to you. This offer allows customers to get a discounted price, making it more accessible. To get the full info on pricing, discounts and seat limits related to this offer, consult the table below.

Seat Range Discount Percentage
1-499 0%
500-999 5%
1000-2499 10%
2500-4999 12%
5000+ 15%

The initial purchase of a Microsoft 365 E3 subscription for a qualified customer tenant can get a discount of up to 50%. Every transaction must have a minimum of 1 seat and a maximum of 1500 seats per order, per customer tenant. However, there is a limit to the number of seats allowed per Office 365 tenant, which is no more than 3000 cloud voice-enabled (C3E) seats or any combination, including C3E seats.

It should be noted that this offer is only available for eligible customers who have not previously bought Microsoft cloud services through CSP or Open programs. There are certain eligibility requirements that you must be aware of, and you should read the full program rules with Microsoft before applying any software promotions or discounts.

In addition to this promotion, different offers and pricing structures may be available for various Microsoft products in the CSP program. Partners are encouraged to stay up-to-date on all available promotions. They should also regularly interact with their customers, keeping these offerings in mind. So, if you’re thinking about using Microsoft 365 E3, make sure you consider these discount and seat limit details before making any decisions.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 E3 for customers

For businesses, Microsoft 365 E3 offers several benefits that can enhance productivity and efficiency. This software suite includes several applications like Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook. Some of the specific benefits of Microsoft 365 E3 for businesses include access to OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams which enables seamless collaboration and communication among teams. Additionally, Microsoft 365 E3 provides enhanced security features such as data encryption, device management and multi-factor authentication to protect sensitive business information from security breaches. By leveraging all of the features and benefits of Microsoft 365 E3, businesses can streamline their operations and improve their productivity.

Advantages of Microsoft 365 E3

Microsoft 365 E3 presents customers with a host of advantages. These include access to a number of productivity applications, for example, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. They help to make sure communication and collaboration between teams is smooth.

OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online integration also allows data to be stored securely in the cloud, with easy accessibility from any internet-connected location.

Multi-Factor Authentication and Conditional Access controls guarantee user accounts remain secure if devices are stolen or lost. Furthermore, Windows 10 Enterprise is included, which gives access to extra features for managing numerous Windows machines.

Subscribers to Microsoft 365 E3 get automatic access to future software upgrades free of charge. The combination of these benefits, along with helpful tools and flexible pricing plans, make it simpler for enterprises to handle any difficult situations, such as unexpected device losses.

At its core, Microsoft 365 E3 simplifies business operations and boosts productivity for customers. Discover how it can help you.

Benefits for customers

Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider program offers customers personalized guidance, support & services for their cloud journey. It gives more flexibility in licenses, purchasing & maintaining Microsoft products. Furthermore, customers gain access to enhanced security, compliance & privacy measures.

Organizations with extensive IT needs can take advantage of CSP’s license-based services with various pricing options & incentives. They can get unique software promotions & partner offers. Plus, there’s a discount & seat limit for Microsoft 365 E3 through CSP. With this, customers get multiple productivity apps, mobility solutions & security features.

The Microsoft CSP program provides a comprehensive solution for organizations to streamline cloud migration while customizing based on individual business goals. By partnering with the CSP program, customers can unlock the full potential of Microsoft products & services. Benefits include personalized guidance, licensing flexibility, enhanced security measures, compliance measures & privacy measures.

Conclusion and call to action for partners to engage with new and existing customers

To wrap things up, let’s take a quick look at some important points to remember when you’re working on getting those valuable Microsoft CSP discounts. After a brief recap, we’ll finish off with some words of encouragement for partners to get out there and build meaningful relationships with both new and existing customers. With the help of these strategies and determination, you can undoubtedly help your clients succeed while boosting your own bottom line.

Recap of key points

Microsoft offers a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. To qualify, partners must meet the requirements in Section 1.2.

Section 2 outlines the agreement terms. Partners must provide a business letter in Section 3 to be eligible for software promotions in Sections 6-8.

Partners must also make sure their clients accept the Microsoft Customer Agreements before any offers in Sections 9-11.

Section 12 has a Microsoft 365 E3 offer with discounts and seat limits. Section 13 summarizes the benefits.

Encouragement for partners to engage with customers

CSP partners should stay in touch with both existing and potential customers. Microsoft CSP has promotions and discounts to offer. Explain these to customers for them to understand the unique value. Keep up with software, pricing and license services to generate interest. Reach out to customers post-purchase via emails or calls. Staff must be trained for efficient customer engagement. Leverage Microsoft’s product range and promote solutions that best fit your customer’s needs. Ultimately, this will build long-lasting relationships with customers. Mutual respect and success for both parties!

Facts About Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider Program:

  • ✅ Microsoft offers various discounts and promotions for its Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program that partners can sell to their customers. (Sources: CSP Offers, New Commerce Promotions)
  • ✅ Before being billed, partners can verify promotions by checking the order history and activity logs in Partner Center, calling the Partner Center APIs, or checking the estimates file or unbilled open period line items on the Partner Center Billing page. (Sources: Software Promotions, New Commerce Promotions)
  • ✅ CSP offers for the current month can be found by signing in to Partner Center and selecting the Pricing workspace. (Source: CSP Offers)
  • ✅ Microsoft launched a promotional offer called Microsoft 365 E3 Do More with Less, providing a 15% discount on the Microsoft 365 E3 annual commitment CSP price for new-to-ME3 customers. (Source: Microsoft Partner Blog)
  • ✅ Partners should verify promotional eligibility before submitting a transaction since it might not apply to all customers. (Source: Software Promotions)

FAQs about How To Get Microsoft Csp Discounts

Information on Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider Program

This article provides information on the requirements for participating in Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program and applies to Partner Center and Partner Center for Microsoft Cloud for US Government. The appropriate roles for accessing this information are Global admin and Admin agent.

The Cloud Solution Provider program authorization guide contains additional requirements for being a partner in the program. The Microsoft Partner Agreement lays out fundamental terms and conditions for participating in the Cloud Solution Provider program.

If you need a business letter to confirm or certify your status as an approved Microsoft partner in the Cloud Solution Provider program, contact support. Note that Microsoft Customer Agreements are region-specific and must be accepted and signed by the customer before placing an order on their behalf. You must confirm a customer’s acceptance of the Microsoft Customer Agreement before proceeding with placing an order.

Also, please note that certain client relationships in Germany must be kept confidential under the Criminal Code (Section 203) and professional codes of conduct.

Information on Software Promotions

This article provides information on software promotions, including how to find promotions, eligibility, pricing, renewals, and reconciliation. The appropriate roles for accessing this information are Admin agent, Sales agent, and Global admin.

To verify promotions before being billed, you can check the Order history and Activity logs at Partner Center, call the Partner Center APIs, or check the estimates file or unbilled open period line items on the Partner Center Billing page. PromotionID indicates whether or not a promotion was applied, and EffectiveUnitPrice indicates the discounted price.

Discovering promotions is easy by browsing the Partner Center catalog. When you browse for software products, Promotion Available appears with products that have discounts available. You can view promotion details from the review page before submitting a purchase, from the confirmation after the order is submitted, or on the order history page. The Get Promotions API returns promotions for license-based new commerce subscriptions.

To apply software promotions, some promotions require the partner to opt-in their customer. In Partner Center, a dropdown list is available on the Review Cart page, and if you are using the APIs, you can enter the promotion ID as an optional field of the request.

Promotional eligibility is not checked for eligibility constraints and might apply to all customers. As a partner, you should verify promotions before submitting a transaction. Note that the preceding information is updated about six hours after a transaction, but updates can take as little as one hour or as long as 24 hours due to system latency.

Partner Offers available in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program

This article discusses the partner offers available in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. Partners can sell a range of Microsoft cloud services and other offers that change frequently. To see CSP offers for the current month, partners can sign in to Partner Center and select the Pricing workspace.

Partners can sell Azure reservations, software subscriptions (for Windows Server and SQL Server), and online services as subscriptions. New commerce experience offers differ from traditional online service subscriptions. Partners can also sell subscriptions to SaaS products from independent software vendors (ISVs). To see only SaaS offers in Online services, partners can use filters to set the Publisher to Partner.

New Commerce Promotions in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program

Microsoft has introduced new commerce experiences for license-based services, which include new capabilities and are available to all Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners. Microsoft supports promotions in new commerce, which have varying discount amounts and durations.

Partners should verify promotions before being billed by checking the estimates file or unbilled open-period line items, calling the Partner Center APIs, or checking the Partner Center order history and activity logs. Promotions can be discovered by visiting the promotions backlog or by calling the Get Promotions API, which provides a list of active new commerce promotions for a given market and segment, along with important information about the promotion’s duration and discount percentage.

Pricing and Offers for Microsoft Products

This article provides information on pricing and offers for various Microsoft products, including Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Enterprise Mobility Suite, and Azure. The content is intended for various types of administrators, including global admins, user management admins, and billing admins.

The Partner Center’s Pricing workspace provides the latest CSP programs and offers, with separate price lists for different types of products and services. Private preview products, testing products, and those available through other sales channels are not included in CSP price lists. The article provides an introduction to the categories of pricing for Cloud Solution Provider partners and their update frequency.

License-based services include pricing information for Office 365, Enterprise Mobility and Security E3, and Dynamics

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